This is not a "How-To Write" course.
This is a "Help-You" collection of interactive worksheets to aid you in your writing and storycraft. 

The first featured set of worksheets is designed to help you through the process of mapping out your story using the Hero's Journey, a story crafting technique made popular by Joseph Campbell who identified key segments common to the world's most popular myths across every culture.

The worksheets are interactive -- meaning these aren't static PDF downloads you need to make copyies of or recreate inside of some other writing software. You can add your own text to them within the course dashboards, make edits and changes, cut and paste, download PDFs, and share them with other writers enrolled in the course.

I will be adding additional interactive worksheets as time goes on, and you'll have continued access no matter how many more workbooks, forms, and tips sheets get added in the future.

These worksheets are for you if:

  • You have a piece of a story idea, but you're not sure where to take it.
  • You know how the story begins, but not how it ends.
  • You know the ending but need help figuring out how your characters got there.
  • You're writing an epic novel.
  • You're writing a short story.
  • You're writing screenplays, stage plays, picture books or comic books!
  • You want to share and trade ideas with other writers.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for pre-made, fill-in-the-blank "MadLibs" kind of story templates.
  • You're already happy with your current writing process and don't believe a little extra insight might make even a slight improvement. 
  • Your story and characters are already written in stone or fully-formed in your mind and you don't want to explore interesting detours. 
  • You already know everything there is to know in the world.
  • You're a great big Jerky-McJerkface.
"Is a story is in you, it has got to come out."
~ William Faulker
These worksheets are designed to help you get the story out of your head and onto the page.

This collection of worksheets is maintained and edited by a writer just like you...

Possessing creative powers beyond those of mere mortals, DON THE IDEA GUY rescues those in need of innovative ideas through his brainstorming sessions, articles, and website at

DTIG (DEE-tigg) has been featured in Small Business News, interviewed by the New York Times, quoted in Fast Company magazine, and served as the first president of the International Idea Trade Association.

Don is the author of the book “100-WHATS of CREATIVITY“, one-hundred ‘what if?’ questions to spur your creativity, unmuck your mind, and break through your mental blocks and has written dozens articles and hundreds of blog postings on the subject of increasing innovation and adding creativity to your personal and professional life.

DTIG is an award-winning public speaker and an official “Trained Brain” of the Eureka Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has sold, shared, or traded ideas with the likes of Sears-Kenmore, Ford Motor Company, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Kelloggs as well as notable writers and creative gurus like Doug Hall, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Jeffrey Gitomer, and The Tom Peters Company who described Don The Idea Guy as “the perfect example of a strong and successful brand".

DTIG specializes in helping people get ideas out of their heads and into reality -- this is one more project to help accomplish that goal.

Some featured worksheets...

Lesson One: Complete Journey
Complete listing of all 12 steps in the Hero's Journey.

Lesson Two: Call To Action
Lesson two contains the first three steps (of 12) in Stage 1 of your Hero's Journey: Ordinary World, The Call, and Refusal of The Call.

Lesson Three: The Quest
This lesson contains the three elements of Stage 2: The Mentor, Crossing The Threshold, and Tests, Allies, Enemies.

Lesson Four: Transformation
The Hero's Journey is all about change, and you'll work through the steps in Stage 3: Approach, Ordeal, and Reward.

Lesson Five: The Road Back
The finel 9-12 steps of the Hero's Journey conclude with Stage 4: The Road Back, Atonement, and The Hero's Return.

Lesson Six: More to come...
These are the first worksheets to get you started. I'll be adding more as time goes on, but every project begins with a blueprint, and the Hero's Journey is an excellent set of plans by which to build your story and tell your tale!

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